Diamond W Appaloosa Farm

"The Breed Of Choice"

                     Boarding Facilities

    We also board horses here at DIAMOND W APPALOOSA FARM.  We can provide long term or short term boarding.  We specialize in pregnant mares, foaling, weaning and halter breaking. We are also capable of caring for injured and sick horses needing round the clock care. We have 20+ years of experience in caring for horses. Contact us for your special needs.




*Full board in a stall $400 a month. 

*Pasture with feed and fresh water $200 monthly.

*Pasture and fresh water with no feed $100 monthly.

*Injured horse on pasture $200. In stall $400 monthly. (treatment & medication administered but not included in either price)

*Mare and foal in a stall $400 a month. In a pasture with feed $200 a month.

*Foals, weanlings, and yearling halter breaking $200-$400 depending on age and size of foal. Colts will be taught to lead, stand tied for grooming, give all four feet and load in trailer.

*We try not to take in stallions but special circumstances may be considered.

*Our stalls are 12 X 12 with turnout to 12 X 36 partially covered paddocks.

We feed a Nutrena all purpose high fat 12% protein pellet twice a day

and a clean, quality, locally grown Bermuda or Bermuda mix hay.

Stalls are cleaned in the AM and PM as are water buckets. 

Bedding in the stalls will be either rice hulls or wood shavings depending on availability.

We do have a 60’ round pen to help with rebuilding muscle and lung capacity.

Current negative coggins required for all horses.




All prices subject to change or adjustments depending on individual circumstances.