Diamond W Appaloosa Farm

"The Breed Of Choice"

                             What's Going On

Mighty Luke Wareagle was gelded at the end of October and healed up nicely. We have started riding him again and he is coming along great. He is very athletic and attentive under saddle. I can't wait for a long stretch of good weather to really get some saddle time on him. June 09. Luke is coming along nicely. Very soft in the face and he has a natural stop that will have him sliding in no time. He has also tracked cows a couple of times and shows a lot of interest in them. Oh the possibalities! Well like most of my good horses I lost him. Garrett, our son, confiscated him for trail riding.

Melanie and Tess are making huge strides in their training. At the La. State Appaloosa  Club show in West Monroe Melanie and Tess had a very good run going. It was the spins (which Tess does very well) that did them in. Being only her second show Melanie and Tess got caught up in the moment and made 1 spin too many for no score. Other than that it was a very exciting run!

Heza Docolida (foaled in May of 07) has been undergoing some more ground training. We have saddled him and he is being driven in the round pen. Very quite and responsive. Since the first saddleing he has accepted it as if it were something he had always done. You just can't beat good blood! With his breeding, confirmation and temprement we are aiming him toward performance/cattle events. He has never loped off in the wrong lead and always gets under himself when stopping. He is showing that natural athleticism that we expected.

                             Reining Trainer

Rock has been training Reining and Working Cow Horses for 30+ years. He has trained the 3 time 4-H State Champion and 5 State Champions in the LQHA. Rock also gives lessons in Reining, Working Cow Horse and Team Penning. Bring your own horse or ride one of Rock's finished horses in the covered arena where the footing is always good. For more information contact Rock Aucoin of Rock's Quarter Horses in New Iberia La. 337-364-6224